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Arcane Carpet Cleaners uses (HWE) Hot Water Extraction as its’ primary method for carpet cleaning “Steam Cleaning”.  Our high-end truck mounts are designed to kill bacteria, provide extreme heat to remove soil, and allow for a quick drying process.  We operate with trustworthy, knowledgeable professionally trained  and certified technicians.

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Arcane Carpet Cleaner’s products are OSHA compliant and leave no sticky residue.  We use environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products that are safe for families, pets and kids.

Arcane Carpet Cleaner’s Process

1.  Pre Inspection

A walk through with the client will be conducted to look for possible challenges while being shown any areas of concern.

2.  Pet Urine Treatment and Carpet Restoration

After the pre inspection is complete, our technician will advise the resident of the proper treatment needed.  This process will ensure the carpets will be restored back to livable conditions.

3.  Pre Conditioning

The proper alkaline carpet cleaning solution is sprayed to loosen and suspend soil.

4.  Agitation

If necessary, this is done mechanically with a (CRB) Carpet Rotating Brush in order to work the pre conditioner into the high traffic areas.(additional costs may apply)

5.  Spot Treatment

We carry several alternate solutions that allow us to treat the stubborn spots that we come across.  (Some spots can and will be permanent depending on carpet fibers)

6.  Hot Water Extraction “Steam Cleaning”

We use high-end, state-of-the-art hot water truck mounted extraction system.  This system includes a soft water filtration system to thoroughly flush the carpet pile. Water pressure is regulated to not over wet the carpets while rinsing.  We also neutralizing the chemical pre sprayed which makes carpets dry quicker, feel softer, and not “crunchy”.

7.  Post Cleaning Inspection

Once we have completed our entire deep cleaning process, our technician will review the work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

FIBERS WE CLEAN:       Nylon   |    Polyester    |    Olefin    |    Wool    |    CGD (Commercial Glue Down)

Benefits to (HWE) Hot Water Extraction “Steam Cleaning”:


  • Can Clean all types of surfaces
  • Effective at removing bad odors
  • High heat and pressure allow for faster dry times
  • Recommended by all major carpet manufacturers
  • Use of eco-friendly, pet and child safe cleaning products
  • Wastewater is disposed of properly and will not harm environment
  • High heat temperatures help to kill the bacteria

 Carpet Repair



Here at Arcane Carpet Cleaners, we specialize in carpet repairs. Over the years, carpets suffer unexpected accidents and over time the carpets get wrinkled, seams separate and sometimes get torn. We are equipped with the proper tools to get your repairs done quickly and efficiently. The types of repair we do are:

  • Burn Restoration
  • Seam Repair
  • Re-Stretching

 Pet Urine Treatment


Generally urine seeps down into the pad and needs to be sucked up to the surface of the carpet. With our black light, we identify all pet urine spots in the house and then saturate the troubled areas with a solution that contains oxidizers with enzymes and odor eliminator.


A longer dwell time is required because it needs to reach deep into the pad. After the dwell time, the solution is water-clawed in order to absorb the urine. It is then flushed out with hot water extraction that eliminates the stains and odors.


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