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We take great pride in protecting you and your family from health issues that stem from your carpets.  Operating 24/7 with same day service,  we make it seamless for you to schedule an appointment.  You deserve the very best and Arcane Carpet Cleaners is prepared to deliver to your highest expectations!

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Arcane Carpet Cleaners uses Hot Water Extraction as its’ primary method for Carpet Cleaning also known as Steam Cleaning.  We utilize Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning products that are safe for families, pets and kids.  Our high-end truck mounts are designed to kill bacteria, provide extreme heat to remove soil, and allow for a quick drying process.  Arcane Carpet Cleaner’s products are OSHA compliant and leave no sticky residue.  Looking for a Carpet Cleaning company you can trust?  Look not further and schedule your FREE estimate today!

What You Can Expect

1.  Pre Inspection

A walk through with the client will be conducted to look for possible challenges while being shown any areas of concern.

2.  Pet Urine Treatment and Carpet Restoration

After the pre inspection is complete, our technician will advise the resident of the proper treatment needed.  This process will ensure the carpets will be restored back to livable conditions.

3.  Pre Conditioning

The proper alkaline carpet cleaning solution is sprayed to loosen and suspend soil.

4.  Agitation

If necessary, this is done mechanically with a (CRB) Carpet Rotating Brush in order to work the pre conditioner into the high traffic areas.(additional costs may apply)

5.  Spot Treatment

We carry several alternate solutions that allow us to treat the stubborn spots that we come across.  (Some spots can and will be permanent depending on carpet fibers)

6.  Hot Water Extraction “Steam Cleaning”

We use high-end, state-of-the-art hot water truck mounted extraction system.  This system includes a soft water filtration system to thoroughly flush the carpet pile. Water pressure is regulated to not over wet the carpets while rinsing.  We also neutralizing the chemical pre sprayed which makes carpets dry quicker, feel softer, and not “crunchy”.

7.  Post Cleaning Inspection

Once we have completed our entire deep cleaning process, our technician will review the work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Fibers We Clean





CGD (Commercial Glue Down)

How to Prepare for Arcane Carpet Cleaners

Clear away any furniture blocking the areas you wish to have cleaned.   Arcane Carpet Cleaners asks that customers remove any furniture or smaller items such as lamps and tables from the desired area being cleaned prior to our scheduled arrival.  By doing this, it ensures that our technician is able to focus solely on the “steam cleaning” of the customer’s carpets and any other problem areas.

Vacuum areas prior to arrival.  To ensure the most high-end carpet cleaning possible, Arcane Carpet Cleaners recommends that our customers vacuum all areas needed to be professionally cleaned.  By doing this, it allows our technician to sufficiently clean the carpets without any debris obstructing our process.

CLICK HERE for tips on how to keep your carpets looking CLEAN and smelling FRESH!

Benefits to (HWE) Hot Water Extraction “Steam Cleaning”:


  • Can Clean all types of surfaces
  • Effective at removing bad odors
  • High heat and pressure allow for faster dry times
  • Recommended by all major carpet manufacturers
  • Use of eco-friendly, pet and child safe cleaning products
  • Wastewater is disposed of properly and will not harm environment
  • High heat temperatures help to kill the bacteria

 Carpet Repair


Here at Arcane Carpet Cleaners, we specialize in carpet repairs. Over the years, carpets suffer unexpected accidents and over time the carpets get wrinkled, seams separate and sometimes get torn. We are equipped with the proper tools to get your repairs done quickly and efficiently. The types of repair we do are:

  • Burn Restoration
  • Seam Repair
  • Re-Stretching

 Pet Urine Treatment


Generally urine seeps down into the pad and needs to be sucked up to the surface of the carpet. With our black light, we identify all pet urine spots in the house and then saturate the troubled areas with a solution that contains oxidizers with enzymes and odor eliminator.


A longer dwell time is required because it needs to reach deep into the pad. After the dwell time, the solution is water-clawed in order to absorb the urine. It is then flushed out with hot water extraction that eliminates the stains and odors.


They cleaned my carpets like no other big branded company had before!!! Extremely impressed,same day service, worth the money! He paid attention to my floors and shocked the hell out of my husband and I!!! He will definitely be called back!
I’m still in shock!

Karin N.

Las Vegas, NV

I call them. We schedule they were very professional. They explain to me what they were going to do what my rug needed. They truly brought my rug back to life they took the smell right out of it. They changed me exactly what they quoted me on the phone. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to bring their carpet or rugs back to life. I will for sure recommend them to family and friends because they were that good.

Cristy L.

Las Vegas, NV

Reasonably priced, exceptional customer service, and work done was excellent. Responds in a very timely matter from scheduling our appointment, keeping us updated on arrival and finishing the job, to answering any other questions we had hours later even after the service was already performed. Would not hesitate to use again. Thank you.

Reginald C.

Las Vegas, NV

When deciding which carpet cleaning company to hire in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, there are a few things to understand and determine.  As a paying customer, you should never assume a carpet cleaning company has your best interest at heart as there are many scam artists that try to trick homeowners each day.  Here at Arcane Carpet Cleaners, we want to ensure people are confident in their hiring choices whether they chose to us or not.  For this reason, we have put together a quick overview of questions you should be considering while executing the hiring process.

1.  Ask about the services that are included.

     This may seem like a “no brainer” to most people but, in all actuallity, this question is never asked in which the customer just assumes they will be recieving everything they may need for the minimal price.  When a capet cleaning company advertises a price or has a sale going on, that price is always for the bare minimum of cleaning.  If the customer does not have harsh stains, pet urine, or need deodorizer, this minimal price option is ideal.  If the customer needs extra services, the price will rise in which we advise people to verify what the final cost of the service will be.

     It is extremely common for companies to get on the phone with a customer and offer their advertised price and hang up without even asking the customer questions based on their needs.  This tactic is used so that they are able to book the appointment quick just to get their foot in the door.  Once the company arrives, this is when the technician will try to upsell the customers based on the different issues with the carpet.  If the customer doesnt feel 100% satisfied after speaking with the carpet cleaning company, that should be a huge red flag for them to keep searching for the perfect fit.

2.  Avoid the lowest price options

     Sure we all like to be bargain shoppers from time to time.  When it comes to the health and cleanliness of your home, we advise customers to “splurge” a little.  We all know the term, You Get What You Pay For.  In the carpet cleaning industry, this meaning is astronaumical.  With the amount of companies based in Las Vegas, and growing, customers should always be aware that the lowest price quote company may actually be more harmful to your carpets than helpful.

     Check out our article on the Top 5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company.  This article will help customers to ensure they are hiring a credible company that will not damage the carpet fibers.

3.  Consider the employees / owner

It is importatn to feel safe with the technicians you have in your house.  The carpet cleaning company you hire should admit to full resposibility for employees and damages.  If the company you hire is not fully insured and bonded, Arcane Carpet Cleaners advises the customer to keep searching for one that is.  If a company is not willing to take on the responsibilities of damages during the cleaning process, it should be a sign that they are not willing to take on the resposibility of what their employees may do inside of your home.

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