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Experience the difference with our non-toxic commercial cleaning and office cleaning.  We offer SAME DAY Carpet Cleaning service that is superior to the rest!  Arcane Carpet Cleaners specializes in making sure that first impression to your customers and employees is everlasting.


No matter what type of workplace it is, people expect it to look, smell, and be clean each day.  Employees expect their workplace to be thoroughly clean and free of germs, grime, and odors.  Its time to take control and experience our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, eco-friendly products, and thorough commercial cleaning processes.

Arcane Carpet Cleaners is licensed and insured.  We are IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification,) and we’ve received the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval as well as the Clean Trust Certification from the IICRC.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Office buildings

Worker Cubicles

Convention Centers

Schools & Classrooms



Department Stores


Hotels, Motels

Removing Allergins, Improving Air Quality In Your Work Space

Superior Cleaning Technology

Low moisture process that dries in 1-2 hours

Safe, non-toxic cleaning methods

Anti-static odor control

Fabric and upholstery services

Restoration services

Our Professionals Make the Difference!

With Aracane Carpet Cleaners, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Just like the carpeting in your home, your office carpets endure heavy, rolling traffic throughout the days, weeks, months and years. All this traffic causes your carpet to collect a large amount of excess dirt, stains, allergens and germs. These messes leave your carpets, and whole office, looking unkempt and unhealthy.

Let our expert team perform a professional commercial cleaning service in your office or work space. Our service works deep into the carpet to remove all messes and leaves you with a complete clean and freshness that lasts. It’s time to get the finest commercial cleaning Southern Nevada has to offer.

“I contacted Ephraim to come clean our business offices. He was able to come and give us a quote same day, and we scheduled him since he was the same price as the last cleaners we had hired. When he arrived he moved everything that was needed in our offices and then educated me on the process. His passion for his work really shines through. He also informed how previous company we hired used soap which attracts dirt and makes the carpets appear darker. I was impressed! Moving forward we will be hiring them!”

Farah B.

Las Vegas, NV

Most impressive was his focus on finding the areas that needed cleaning and not trying to upsell us on areas that were fine. He took a blacklight and special glasses to find the damaged areas, and he insisted the rest of our carpets were fine. I’m grateful for the focus he had on saving us money and doing a great job.  We really appreciated his attention to detail. When we had rain, he gave us the option to reschedule for a drier day so that the carpets would dry faster and gave us tips on what to do to make it work.

He was incredibly professional, polite, and easy to work with. I definitely recommend him!

Sarah M.

Las Vegas, NV

I have used MANY carpet companies out here in Las Vegas… 99% of them leave the carpets soaking wet, crunchy, soapy, or left with debris which leaves my employees and myself unhappy. We have 6 properties with carpet and Ephraim does an AMAZING job! Our carpets are left soft and looking brand new after he leaves. I don’t have to leave the doors open for the carpets to dry like other companies. He is not the cheapest company out there but he is quality and we won’t be using any one else, we found our guy!! He is also always on time and responds right away. Worth every penny. If only I could find other companies that are so reliable.

Jennifer L.

Las Vegas, NV

Do you own a business and find that it is a struggle to keep your office clean due to the daily traffic of employees and customers?  We are here to assure you that you are not alone!  Many business owners question themselves daily on what measures to take to ensure a healthy workplace.  At the beginning the most cost-effective choice is to hire an employee for custodial work.  While this option may be beneficial in the daily upkeep of the garbage and bathrooms, the carpets to fall by the wayside.  Business owners tend to be skeptical on whether hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the appropriate decision for them.  Believe it or not, there are many benefits of using a professional cleaner in your building.  Arcane Carpet Cleaners invites you to read our reasons as to how professional carpet cleaning can improve your workplace.

1.  Keeping your employees happy and productive.

     As we mentioned above, business owners chose to have their employees take over the cleaning resposibilities.  While this seems ideal for the company owner, it is actually harmful as the employee is taken away from their daily job duties to clean up the office.  Throughout time, the employee may become unhappy because they are being asked to execute tasks that are outside of their job description.  Keeping employees focused company projects will ultimately grow your company to its fullest potential.

     Working in a clean and declutters environmant will motivate employees to work harder and stay focused.  Studies show that employees that work in a clean environment get 30% more work done each day.  That is huge number that any business owner should consider!

2.  Establishing a great first impression.

     No matter what anyone says, first impressions will always be the lasting impression people have on you or your company.  This aspect is immensely crusial for your company as well as you as a business owner.  If a customer walks into your place of business and feels as if it is filthy and sloppy, you may have the potential toi lose that customer before they even learn about your product or services.

3.  Carpet cleaning comanies are extrmely thourough.

     With your employees not having a strong knowledge of thourough cleaning procedures, the expectation of maintaining a healthy workplace is unrealistic.  By hiring a professional, company owners and employees have the ability to stay confident that every inch of the office has been deep cleaned.  By keeping clean carpets, it will preserve them so that severe damage is not done to them resulting the costly task of carpet replacment.  The debris caught in carpet fibers can act like miniature knife blades constantly cutting the yarn every time it is walked on. This not only breaks down the carpet’s fibers but will also, over time, destroy the sheen of the carpet.  The skin cells, food particles, pollen, and pet dander become food for germs.  This bacteria and allergens can be very harmful to you, your employees, and customers.

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