Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing, and Polishing


Arcane Carpet Cleaner’s team are experts in natural stone cleaning, sealing, and polishing.  We specialists in refinishing, restoration, and repairing which will have your natural stone never looking better!

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Our technicians are able to resolve your Natural Stone issues!  Do you have a dull marble floor that needs to be restored to its original shine?  Are your floors never from “lippage”?  Does your travertine need a cooler enhancement?  You can trust Arcane Carpet Cleaners to deliver results.


Marble is a classic material. Has time tampered with its beauty and vitality?  If it is not what it once was, let Arcane Carpet Cleaners solve all your problems and relieve you from stress.


Granite is one of the hardest natural stones in existence, but it is not impervious to damage. Over time, your granite surface can get scratched, chipped or overall just lose its luster


If you own terrazzo, you understand it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art that can match a variety of decors. Don’t let dullness and imperfections ruin your home’s image.


Arcane Carpet Cleaners is highly trained in enhancing the appearance of porous natural stone such as marble, travertine, slate, and lime stone.


Contact Arcane Carpet Cleaners today to learn how we can change your marble, travertine, and natural stone floors.


Travertine is a chameleon stone — it can be rustic and organic, or sleek and modern. Are you looking for a change? Let us show you just how simple it can be!


Slate is an earthy, modest stone with subtle colors that can be enhanced, as well as protected from everyday damage.  Contact us to learn more.


Sealing your limestone helps guard against etching and staining.  Severe limestone acid etching can only be repaired by a professional.  Why not contact the company that will do it right the first time?


We offer unparalleled cleaning, sealing, and polishing services to the famous Saltillo Mexican tile.  Whether you are restoring an old saltillo floor, or sealing a new saltillo floor, Arcane Carpet Cleaners knows Saltillo.


Sleep well at night putting your trust in Arcane Carpet Cleaners to repair lippage, scratches, removal of acid etching, removal of waxes and stains.

The best cleaning services in town.  Done RIGHT, the FIRST time!

Make Your Natural Stone Floors Beautiful Again

If natural stone has become damaged, that does not mean you need to replace it!  Instead of replacing it, let us restore it!  Arcane Carpet Cleaners can bring your marble, travertine, limestone, granite, terrazzo and all other natural stone floors back to like.  We also apply sealers to help protect the surface from further stains and other damage.

Want to change the finish? We can alter the finish from a high polish to a softer, more subtle satin patina or take a matte finish floor and bring it to a high polish.  Arcane Carpet Cleaners will handle all your Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing, and Polishing needs worry free!

Countertops and Furniture Tops

Countertops that have become dull, scratched or chipped will also be restored to look like they are brand new!


Cleaning and restoring the stone and tile in bathrooms is requested frequently. If the stone and tile in your bathroom needs some help, our highly trained and certified technicians can make them shine and smell as fresh as the day they were installed. We will polish your marble floors, clean and seal your showers and polish your vanity tops.

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