Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery cleaning is a must if you want your furniture to stay as new as possible and last fro many years. Dust and dirt accumulate with daily use and let’s not forget that spills are very common and almost unavoidable.

Lay Your Head On Upholstery You Can Trust!

Arcane Carpet Cleaner’s products meet OSHA standards and leave no sticky residue.  We use environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products that are safe for families, pets and kids.

Arcane Carpet Cleaner’s Process

 1.  Pre Inspection

We determine the fabric type to evaluate which cleaning method we will implement.

2.  Pre Treatment

We use the proper cleaning product for the fabric type. All products are color safe, so you do not need to worry about any color bleeds. The cleaning product is used to break down soils, oils, and general spots in order to be prepped for a thorough cleaning.

3.  Agitation

A hand tool is used to gently agitate the cleaning product and break up the soil. We are careful to use the right brush for the fabric in order to not cause any damage.

4.  Extraction

With the final step, we use our truck mount with the upholstery tool attachment to thoroughly rinse with our hot water and extract the dirt and soil. Your furniture will be dry and back in service within 2-3 hours. There is no sticky residue leftover when finished.

FIBERS WE CLEAN:       Leather   |    Wool    |    Acrylic    |    Cotton    |    Polyester   |   Silk   |   Rayon   |   Linen   |   Olefin   |   Suede   |   Microfiber


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